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  Meet our Instructors:

Collectively, our instructors have over a century of consulting and field experience, making us uniquely positioned to educate your employees about the proper use of personal protective equipment and safe working practices in energized panels and equipment.

Joe Bevacqua has been a Subcode Official and Inspector for the past 30 years and has been a recipient of the Inspector of the Year award. He is an experienced electrical engineer, project manager and designer. He creates and teaches N.J. Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors approved continuing education courses for the electrical industry.

Al Cox is a graduate electrical engineer, has more than 50 years’ experience in the electric power industry and is certified by the N.J. Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors – Continuing Education Program. He teaches over 100 technical seminars annually on the National Electrical Code, Electrical Distribution System Analysis, Overcurrent Protection and Electrical Safety.

Joe Stewart is an electrical contractor with extensive experience in the commercial electrical field, specializing in large retail establishments. With 30 years’ experience to draw on, he has the expertise to handle all of the field preparatory work necessary to comply with the new regulations and to make remediation recommendations that are realistic and cost-sensitive solutions.

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Arc Flash Training for NFPA 70E Compliance

Because catastrophic fault failure poses a significant threat to employees, there are new and stringent rules governing the labeling of open energized electrical equipment, including electrical panels open for service or testing.

When it comes to implementing an effective arc flash safety initiative at
your facility, quality training is crucial. Arc Flash Labeling Services, LLC, offers cost-effective and flexible scheduling for short- and long-training courses to fulfill your training requirements. To request an on-site seminar customized for your company’s needs, click here.

Training Benefits
The benefits of training your employees far outweigh the costs. Safer workers and working conditions translate to your bottom line through:

  • Increased personnel safety
  • Increased equipment protection
  • Prevent down time
  • Prevent damage by identifying underrated equipment

Who Should Attend

Business Owners and Management
Our 2-hour breakfast or lunch seminar is for business owners and management with maintenance personnel who may encounter live electrical equipment (OSHA & NFPA 70E considers all electrical equipment live until it has been proven to be de-energized). Attendees will learn what the new 2009 NFPA 70E Standards require for compliance.

Find out how to keep your workers safe and your equipment from being damaged. This may be the most important seminar you attend this year! Click here to enroll now.

Field Workers
More detailed training for field workers is covered in our full-day seminar. Click here to request a customized on-site seminar for field workers.

Training Topics addressed at our 1-Day Seminar include:

  • How OSHA and NFPA rules apply to your workplace.
  • Is compliance with NFPA 70E mandatory?
  • What are arc flash hazards and shock hazards?
  • What “Arc Flash Analysis” is and why it is important?
  • What defines a “qualified electrical worker”
  • What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
  • What are the different levels of PPE?
  • Where and when PPE should be worn (it may surprise you!)
  • What are your options to reduce hazard risk levels?
  • What is the cost of NFPA 70E implementation?
  • What are the potential problems with implementation?
  • How to establish compliance, and the penalties for non-compliance
  • What are the benefits of implementation?
  • Class discussion and review
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